Competence in bakery and food technology

The goals of our company concern the optimization of processes and products for bakeries.


NFT covers a comprehensive portfolio in the field of bakery technology and process engineering.

As specialists in product and process technologies, NFT experts enhance both the quality of their products and the performance of their technologies along the value chain. The focus is on the tasks and challenges of the specialist departments, namely the operationalization of product and process strategies and their implementation, the organization and transfer of current technological know-how in operations, and so on. And all this in consideration of the regulatory requirements of the respective industry. It can be said that with NFT strategic decisions lead to the implementation for the generation of premium quality with efficient processes. 



NFT's consulting approach is focused on the future viability of its clients. And it does so regardless of whether it involves adjustments to the business model due to changing market requirements and trends such as vegetarian nutrition, freshness and shelf-life concepts, "clean-label" or bakery process technology. NFT cooperatively develops efficiency improvement and compliance programs to improve the competitiveness of its customers or to meet regulatory requirements with a sense of proportion.

NFT is also active in the field of hygiene and baking premixes. 






 "Innovations are the basis for sustainable success. Especially the current challenges in the baking industry require constant adaptation and improvement in production, food design, development and technology."


Prof. Dr. Klaus Lösche