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Book inauguration at the Wyviol Group, Ahrensburg / Germany; October 2021) .

Reference book 1st Edition, Copyright 2021 by Mühlenchemie: "Understanding Baking Enzymes", Sosland Publishing Company , Kansas City, ISBN 978-3-9820751-4-3


The authors: 

Dr. Lutz Popper (right), Mühlenchemie, Hamburg, Germany

Prof. Dr. K. Lösche (left), NFT GmbH Bremerhaven

Novel NFT Oxygen Technology

Recent customer testimonials

  1. Master baker and enterpriser Schlegl/Donau (2021) is a convinced user of NFT oxygen technology: "Never before have doughs been so workable, never before have my pastries been so good as with the help of NFT oxygen technology."
  2. Master baker N. and industrial enterpriser from southern Germany (2020): "With the help of NFT oxygen technology, our pre-doughs turn out in excellent quality."
  3. Master baker S. from Sweden (2020): "Since the introduction of NFT oxygen technology, we save on baking agents and consistently achieve premium quality dough and pastries."