We support you holistically with imaginative strategic consulting and intelligent, product-based, technical and technological solutions. In this way, we help you to identify trends in your industry more quickly, optimize processes and products, and operate profitably in the long term. We are open to innovative ideas and attach great importance to working together as partners. Our customers appreciate this. We cover a wide range of different industries and topics within the food industry and bundle our diverse competencies and experience to create custom-fit solutions with measurable added value for our customers. 

Technical solutions

NFT uses the combination of product characteristics and process technology to generate adapted and optimized technical solutions. The result is both improved product quality characteristics and more efficient processes. Novel cooling processes or innovative thawing processes for frozen foods are current examples of technical solutions that allow comparatively high economic efficiency.


The development and implementation of modern processes (e.g. pre-engineering) leads, among other things, to the sustainable production of food and feed (pet food, fish feed...) or to innovative and functional food ingredients (e.g. self-emulsifying systems for sauces/fillings, hydrocolloids).

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Food Ingredients

The development and production of products requires, on the one hand, appropriate product knowledge and, on the other hand, specific "know-how" about the functional properties of reactive ingredients. Taking these and other interrelationships into account, NFT supports its customers in generating efficient and optimal quality characteristics in intermediate or finished products and equally in realizing their process capability. 

Bakery: product and process optimization

NFT supports its customers in the evaluation of existing raw materials (quality data etc.), bakery products and corresponding processes. In detail, NFT develops constructive solutions for recipes (e.g. "Gluten-Free"), company-specific freshness or modern shelf life concepts (e.g. "clean label"), etc.. Novel kneading (batch/continuous) or innovative air-conditioning technologies (proofing, cooling, freezing) are a basis for energetically and qualitatively optimal product and process solutions, and they already contribute to improved profitability after a short time. 

NFT BioControl for your hygiene conception

In bakeries, operational hygiene, dough and pastry quality, but also problems e.g. around air-related occupational health and safety, are in a specific relationship to each other. For bakeries, the control of mold growth plays a primary role alongside the control of bacterial or viral problems. On the one hand, special process engineering solutions for process and product hygiene provide valuable assistance, while on the other hand, novel anti-microbial NFT preparations with specific anti-fungal activity spectra ensure maximum efficiency in maintaining hygiene and extending the shelf life of baked goods.


NFT -BioControl describes a product range of different liquid preparations, which are approved for the food and feed sector and are specifically applied: Surface disinfection e.g. by application or spraying or fogging e.g. for room air disinfection e.g. during adiabatic cooling of bread. In the foreground of corresponding applications are the principles of bio-preservation, which are recommended depending on the problem and are used process- or product-specifically. The specialists at NFT GmbH will be happy to advise you.  

Video: Using thermodynamic relationships to improve dough and pastry and processes.

Publication: Bakery Technology: Research & Innovation
Modern bakery technology and air-conditioning technology generate premium quality, energy savings and increase overall value creation.
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Novel technologies in proofing wheat dough
the impact of C02 on process – and product - qualities
Novel technologies in proofing wheat dou
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