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Bakery Technology

Northern Food Tec (NFT) applies current scientific knowledge in baking technology and in the use of special ingredients. With our solutions, we show bakeries how the interaction of plant construction, production processes, room climate and the use of ingredients and additives enables them to produce the right and consistent quality of baked goods at the right price and with a low energy requirement.


NFT experts guide you in implementing simple and efficient solutions to the following questions: 

  • How to avoid/minimize increased dough elasticity or dough stickiness?
  • How can doughs be cooled optimally and process-controlled during the kneading process?
  • How to prevent undesirable dough re-deformation, for example after laminating? 
  • How does the baking operation reduce the use of baking agents? Which baking agents are specific? 
  • How can hygiene and infection protection be improved cost-effectively by special climate control systems? 
  • How do you reduce unwanted mass losses along the process chain? 
  • Which processes and ingredients allow for a year-round and constantly accessible bakery quality at premium level? 
  • How can energy savings, hygiene control and quality optimization of baked goods be achieved simultaneously or cumulatively? 
  • How can night work be avoided in the bakery trade?


 Information on numerous specialized topics is available upon request. Examples: 

  • Oxidation before the kneading process
  • Innovative fermentation control processes
  • Special adiabatic cooling of baked goods
  • Distinct and long-lasting crispness of baked goods
  • Savings in energy and mass losses in production
  • Networked value creation in baking operations
  • Avoidance/minimization of product defects; news & background information
  • Hygienic design in the bakery

NFT HYGIENIC_101 for your Hygienic-Conception

In bakeries, operational hygiene, dough and pastry quality, but also problems e.g. around air-related occupational health and safety, are in a specific relationship to each other. For bakeries, the control of mold growth plays a primary role alongside the control of bacterial or viral problems. On the one hand, special process engineering solutions for process and product hygiene provide valuable assistance, while on the other hand, innovative anti-microbial NFT preparations with specific anti-fungal activity spectra ensure maximum efficiency in maintaining hygiene and extending the shelf life of baked goods.

NFT HYGIENIC_101 describes a product range of different liquid preparations, which are approved for the food and feed sector and are specifically applied: Surface disinfection e.g. by application or spraying or fogging e.g. for room air disinfection e.g. during adiabatic cooling of bread. In the foreground of corresponding applications are the principles of bio-preservation, which are recommended depending on the problem and are used process- or product-specifically. The specialists at NFT GmbH will be happy to advise you.  


Publication: Bakery Technology: Research & Innovation
Modern bakery technology and air-conditioning technology generate premium quality, energy savings and increase overall value creation.
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Novel technologies in proofing wheat dough
The impact of C02 on process - and product - qualities
Technologies in proofing wheat dough.pdf
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Refrigeration technology in the bakery


The great handbook of refrigeration technology for bakeries!

The work "Refrigeration technology in the bakery" conveys sound technical knowledge about the freezing of dough and pastry, but also of food in general. It builds the bridge from theoretical knowledge to practical action.


Behr's Verlag Hamburg 2003

Lösche (Editor)


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Enzymes in food technology


Technical enzymes are playing an increasingly important role in food technology. The use of these enzymes opens up numerous new possibilities and innovations for processing companies in the food industry. With "Enzymes in Food Technology", you will learn which specific applications are possible and how you can practically implement these possibilities in your company.


Behr's Verlag Hamburg 2000

Lösche (Editor)


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Cereal commodity knowledge

Ingredients, analysis, cleaning, drying, storage, marketing, processing


Cultivation, trade and processing of cereals require a solid knowledge of this globally important raw material. This book takes on the task of covering the entire grain chain with all its special features and requirements, from cultivation, breeding, cleaning, aeration, drying and storage of the harvested crop, analysis of the ingredients, processing, especially in the mill and bakery, through to use in human nutrition, animal feed and as an industrial raw material. The authors, experts in their respective fields, provide a profound knowledge base on all important topics, taking into account the latest findings from research and practice, and bring everything important to the point - a synthesis of theoretical knowledge and practical application. A large number of pictures, tables and graphics support the statements of the comprehensible text and make the book attractive. The work is aimed at all those in agriculture, trade and processing who deal professionally with cereals on a daily basis in their training and work.


Agrimedia ERLING Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Lindhauer, Lösche, Miedaner (Editors)


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