Optimization of your bakery products quality: NFT remote diagnosis of your bakery products.

Especially baked goods made from light dough (rolls, baguettes, ciabatta, focaccia,

pizza, toast or sandwich bread, etc.) are subject to numerous quality fluctuations that often cannot be eliminated and controlled by recipe adjustments alone.

In many cases, it is process-related influences that are the cause of undesirable quality characteristics in corresponding baked goods (lack of crispness, flaking of the crust from the crumb, holes in the crumb, irregular porosity, lack of windowing, lack of gloss, lack of freshness, lack of shelf life, etc.). Appearance, pore structure and properties of a pastry are, among other things, a reflection of previous process steps and they form a basis for our evaluation and assessment of the applied technology, which can or should be optimized if necessary. 

Remote diagnosis NFT offer: Assessment of corresponding bakery products if necessary incl. suggestions for optimization or control of the quality characteristics of your bakery products.

We need from you: 

Photographs of the corresponding bakery product(s), conveying the following: 

  • Outer appearance (shape, volume, color, appearance, etc.) 
  • Pore structures in longitudinal and cross section 
  • Notes on processes used are helpful, but not always necessary. 

On the basis of your information or photographs (see above), NFT confidentially prepares a remote diagnosis of your baked goods quality and provides orienting assessments of possible causes of the corresponding baked goods quality. 

On behalf of the customer, NFT develops specific process techniques on the basis of these and extended information provided by the customer, which lead to consistently accessible premium qualities. Special requirements in connection with "clean label" can be included.

For the realization of appropriate technologies and processes, e.g. in plant construction, NFT offers specialized and adapted engineering services.  


Send the required information to info@northernfoodtec.com